The new trend of students' stationery consumption is more beautiful and safer

For many parents, children are small and medium-sized emperors, and the rise of children's goods market is also explained from another aspect, and parents are more willing to be children's consumers. As long as the child likes, it is expensive to buy. As a result, in order to meet the "aesthetic requirements" of the children, in the shape of stationery will be painstaking, all kinds of stationery products are not just used, more beautiful and good - looking is the key.

However, behind the beautiful stationery products, the use of safety is a problem that parents should easily overlook. The insecurity of stationery products is not only about the material itself, but also on the safety of products. With the expansion of the market, accompanied by the "weight is not heavy" also exists in some student products manufacturers.

Safety stationery can be mainly reflected in some of the following stationery products, one is the deficiency in the material of the product, the excessive harmful substances such as the eraser that emanating fragrance, the writing paper with fluorescent brighteners, and the excess lead in the pencil. The harmful chemical harmful substances contained in these inferior stationery products are recessive to the health of the children. The long-term use of poor quality learning supplies and radioactive toxic chemical gases will bring serious damage to the students' nervous system, blood and viscera. Also some stationery pigments contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, if these substances containing toxins through sucking, gnawing and other ways to enter the child's body, easy to cause memory loss, hyperactivity and other problems, serious may cause chronic poisoning.

There is also a hidden danger of stationery, which is in the design of the product itself, and it is also expected that the stationery manufacturers can continuously transform the evolution in the development. For example, the handmade scissors with sharp points, the edge of the ruler and the pencil box are sharp, and the child will be cut out by carelessness; the automatic pencil core is often broken, the broken core is easy to fly, and the child's eyes are hurt.

As a matter of fact, we can avoid these unqualified stationery into the hands of students by paying close attention to students' articles. When ordering office supplies, parents should give priority to the selection of products, such as manufacturers, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Compared to some large shopping malls and supermarkets, the study supplies are more regular. In some small stationery stores near some schools, there are still "three non" goods in sale, and these small shops are the most frequently patronized places for students. Many stationery sold here still have security problems, some of the cutting-edge of the handmade scissors blade are very sharp, there are no warning instructions on the packaging; some drawings, such as the edge of the ruler and the triangular plate, are very strong, and the scent of the pen and the rubber is very strong. Although some products are labeled "environmentally friendly and non-toxic" on the outer packaging, it is not known whether these commodities really affect the health of students. Therefore, as far as possible, apart from "being famous", it is best to choose to buy in regular large shopping malls.

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