How much is stationery culture

Office stationery is usually used in business office stationery, with a very modern and commercialized atmosphere, to meet the office environment and office efficiency as the first meaning. Such as ballpoint pen, signature pen, note book, office paper, file bag and so on. The main location of office stationery is enterprise, enterprise, factory, government organ and so on. It has a characteristic of pursuing practical and durable, not seeking popular pattern. The formation time of office stationery industry is probably in the end of 1980s and early 90s, which is the differentiation of the planned economy from the department store in the transition from the market economy to the market economy. The stationery industry seems to be insignificant in the eyes of Chinese entrepreneurs, but the stationery industry has also become the fastest and most perfect industry in the development of China's light industry. The annual sales volume of stationery sets and office supplies market is more than 100 billion yuan.

Student stationery is the most important branch of stationery, and the main use group is students. It includes pen, pen, pencil, automatic pencil, watercolor pen, whiteboard pen, ballpoint pen, neutral pen, oil painting stick, oily pen, crayon, pen, book bag, eraser, pencil sharpener, brush, liquid glue, solid glue, ruler, compass, art knife, scissors, book cover, correction belt, folder, book, text. A bag, a drawing board, and so on. Student stationery pays more attention to popular patterns, and there are also some hidden dangers. Such as some rubber, ballpoint pen and other inferior stationery, such as some rubber, ballpoint pen, etc., contain excessive formaldehyde, some stationery and heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in the pigments. If the substances containing toxins enter the child through sucking and biting, it is easy to cause memory loss, hyperactivity and so on. A serious problem may also cause chronic poisoning. The poor quality stationery, such as the edge of the ruler and the pencil case, will be bleed when the child is inadvertently; the automatic pencil core is often broken, the broken core is easy to fly and hurt the eyes of the child.

Gift stationery is a new stationery concept independent from stationery series in recent years. It is the driving force for the development of high-grade stationery in the future. Gift stationery mainly refers to the stationery series produced by gifts and gifts under the unique cultural background of China. For example, Wanli blue and white gifts are exquisite workmanship than ordinary gift stationery, beautiful packaging, product quality from high, high-end, luxury distribution. In particular, with the development of the Chinese stationery industry. China's gift stationery is developing toward specialization and art. Foreign stationery development is far ahead of China, especially pen, writing paper, fast stickers and other writing stationery, already very mature. But in recent years, China's gift stationery (especially gift pens) comes from behind, and the situation of gift stationery abroad has been broken.

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