Long term use of pencils can lead to lead poisoning? The truth is that a pencil does not contain "le

It is reported that pencils are the stationery used by students in the daily life, and some students will have the habit of "biting pencils". In recent years, the incidents of "children's blood lead over the standard" are largely related to "biting pencils".

So long use of pencils can cause lead poisoning?

In fact, people who have such doubts often believe that lead in pencil lead can lead to lead poisoning.

So, is there any lead in the pencil core? To answer this question, we have to start with the origin and development of pencils. In the sixteenth Century, a black mineral, graphite, was discovered in a place called Bo Rodale in England. Soon, some local shepherds found that they could mark the sheep with graphite.

Later, there was an army officer named cont in Napoleon's army. After repeated tests, he added clay into the graphite and barbecue in a kiln and made the world's very durable pencil core.

Lead is toxic, and the main raw materials for making pencil lead are graphite and clay, which do not use lead at all. Of course, there is no poison. Of course, the habit of biting a pencil is still to be changed. A pencil is usually painted with coloured pigments outside the wooden pole. If a trace of heavy metal or other harmful substance is contained in the pigment, the harmful substances often enter the mouth of the human body during the bite, and then be swallowed.

To sum up, there is no lead in this pencil lead, so the correct use of pencils will not lead to poisoning.

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