"Three no" stationery hidden trouble, good taste, sweet taste, careful choice.

The quality of student stationery has always been concerned by parents. The recent CCTV program made a spot check on the students' articles. The results found that there were many hidden dangers on the articles on the desk of the pen cap and solid glue, such as the residue of glue and formaldehyde, the brightness of the book and so on. If the child has been exposed to or inhaled for a long time, not only can the respiratory and skin lesions occur, but other more serious diseases such as leukemia and cancer may occur. So what are the stationery belonging to poisonous stationery and what harm are these poisonous stationery? What are the occupational hygiene standards of toxic stationery? How should parents choose non-toxic and healthy "stationery" for their children?

"Three no" fluorescent pen

According to media reports, in a large stationery store near a university in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, a "fluorescent pen" is sold in the ballpoint pen stall, and a scent can be smelled in the pen cap, with different colors and different flavors. There are watermelon flavor, orange flavor, pineapple flavor, banana flavor and other fruits taste. However, it was verified that the "fluorescent pen" sold in the shop did not indicate the manufacturer. According to Ouyang Yuanhui, deputy director of respiratory medicine, Ganzhou People's Hospital, the fragrance of stationery comes from perfume additives, that is spices. Most of these spices are synthetic, and "fragrance" is not natural. "These stationery are likely to contain volatile chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde, although the content of these substances is very small, but long-term contact, especially through sucking and biting into the body, may be harmful to the health of the children." Moreover, most of the fluorescent pens contain fluorescens. Industry insiders say that the "three non products" with incomplete information are cheap, the essence of which is not likely to be a high price of edible flavor, and the general quality is inferior. Long-term exposure to these poor flavors, toxic substances inhaled in the human body, accumulated in the organs, can cause chronic poisoning of the human body, especially the cause of the nervous system and blood system and other diseases, and even cause cancer.

"Unsafe" book

Shanghai municipal quality and Technical Supervision Bureau has issued "plastic wrap film and book cover product quality safety risk early warning", because a batch of plastic package film phthalate two formate plasticizer project does not meet the requirements of determination, there is a safety risk. Experts say that the soft plastic products containing phthalate two can harm the liver and kidney of children, and can also cause precocious puberty in children. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are strong carcinogens. Experts remind students and parents to make use of paper materials as far as possible.

"Hurt eye" work book

Recently, the latest consumer product recall information reported by the QSIQ's defective product management center shows that the 30 thousand textbook books, which are not qualified for brightness (whiteness), may bring potential safety hazards to the health of the students and carry out a national recall. The information of the report shows that the 30 thousand books of the recalls were produced by Hunan Jilin Paper Co., Ltd. from January 19, 2016 to January 22, 2016. Dong Jinshi, the famous environmental chemistry expert and vice secretary of the Beijing Environmental Science Society, said in a media interview that the fluorescent agent is white as a fluorescent brightener. It is a complex organic compound that can stimulate the incident light to produce fluorescence to achieve whitening effect. "Fluorescent substances are not easily decomposed as ordinary chemical constituents. They accumulate in the body, greatly reduce human immunity and endanger human health. Once entering the body, if the dose reaches a certain level, it is very likely that the cells will become cancerous. Its contact with wounds will bind to proteins and prevent wound healing. Dong Jinshi said that the excessive intake of fluorescent brighteners will be harmful to children's eyesight and skin, especially those who have not developed mature and relatively weak resistance. "Those books that glare at the lights look beautiful, but in fact they are very unsafe."

"Plasticizer" rubber

It is understood that in the quality analysis report of the Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau issued by the Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau in 2015, 28 batches of plasticizers were detected in the 31 batches of rubber, of which 10 batches exceeded 100 times. Most of these products are modern plastic rubbers which are very popular with students. The traditional rubber with ugly appearance is mostly rubber, and basically contains no plasticizer. "The traditional eraser is made of rubber, and the possibility of containing plasticizer is not great. Some of the plastic erasers now are PVC materials, which are likely to contain plasticizers. Jiangsu province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, the national office supplies quality inspection center senior engineer Qu Mei said that each PVC eraser can contain about 20% of the DEHP (one of the plasticizers), because DEHP can make the eraser brighter, softer, more elastic, and also emit a variety of fragrance. It is reported that plasticizer has great harm, which not only affects the growth and development of testicles, but also leads to "feminization" of boys, and also leads to precocious puberty.

"Toxic" correction fluid

It is understood that in 2015, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau issued a quality analysis report on the risk monitoring of stationery products. 30 batch correction products purchased from the market, e-commerce and production enterprises were tested, of which 4 batches of benzene residues exceeded the standard, and 1 batches exceeded the standard 414 times. In the 39 batches of pen products, the liquid benzene content exceeded the standard rate of 97.4%. Nowadays, many primary and middle school students have no rubber in their pencil case, instead of the correction fluid, because the correction fluid is strong in coverage and easy to use. Do not know, repair

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