An analysis of the future development trend of the stationery industry in China

The stationery industry is the most rapid and perfect industry in China's light industry. The market capacity of stationery has exceeded 10000 billion yuan in China, and the increase in recent years has also been over 10%. With the development of domestic economy and the improvement of market purchasing power, the stationery industry has been accelerated.

At present, the development trend of stationery in China can be divided into four main categories: multi-functional, simple and practical, high-grade, and toy oriented. According to the recent survey, more than 60% of the consumers express the style of stationery such as ceramic U plate, ceramic pen and so on. And with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the green and low carbon stationery is also favored by the consumers. These all indicate the future direction of the stationery enterprises.

With the gradual maturity of the stationery store and the specialized market, the management level and service connotation of the operators are extending to the high level. The middle and high grade products based on brand will become the mainstream of the future consumption. In the process of the development of the stationery industry in China, the lack of a clear and orderly management standard, the single product, low price competition and waste of resources have seriously hindered the development of new domestic stationery brand.

In the face of a wide variety of stationery, there are more and more room for consumers to choose. The influx of foreign competitors will also make the competition pressure of the whole market strengthen. As the competition becomes more and more fierce, the stationery industry should take the initiative to realize the branding breakthrough through various efforts.

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