Fine grilled those harmless products

In recent years, stationery has been developing rapidly, and stationery industry is facing fierce competition. In today's diverse and dazzling stationery market, many stationery "killer" are also hidden. In order to seek violence, a large number of inferior stationery products were produced. This leads to a lot of three non stationery mixed in, which virtually brings consumers a hidden danger.

Scale error leads to poor performance

Ruler is a necessary learning tool for students, but who would have thought that a ruler scale would deceive everyone. It can be seen from the Internet reports that there are scale errors in students' telling of the ruler used, which also directly affects the poor results of the student examination. There are stationery manufacturers that scale standards are set by their own manufacturers, there is no uniform scale standards. The accuracy of the ruler scale has a great relationship with the mold. This kind of production without uniform standards has made many students suffer losses.

Fragrance stationery harms the health of the body

With the improvement of people's living standards, stationery market is becoming more and more prosperous, and stationery styles are also dazzling. In order to satisfy the curiosity of young age groups, many smart businesses have also introduced fragrance stationery. Therefore, the fragrance stationery is in the mainstream of the stationery market. Some small vendors and the small shops near the school have colorful ballpoint pens, water writing pen and various plastic rubber. These stationery with a light aroma, apple flavor, banana taste, orange flavor and perfume taste. However, there are many illegal traders in the market, which add cheap and harmful substances to stationery processing, so the quality and safety of fragrant stationery is worrying: rough workmanship, the exact address of the manufacturer, the date of production, the approval number and so on are difficult to be found on the inferior packaging, especially the imported and modified liquid, without Chinese annotation. No manufacturers, no import signs, no necessary warning words, etc. Inferior aroma stationery accounts for more than half of the market in the fragrance stationery market, so there have been reports of aromatic stationery endangering children's Health recently.

No stoma ball pen cap threatening life

Many people have not noticed that there is a small hole in our commonly used cap. In fact, this small hole is "life saving hole", if children accidentally inhaled pen cap, this small hole can ensure that the respiratory tract is not completely blocked, for valuable rescue time, so the air hole is also included in the compulsory standard of production. However, there are few stationery products available on the market today. In the market, a large number of ball point pen, many ball pen cap with closed structure, there is no air hole, and the ballpoint pen is simply made into a cartoon image. The price of these non - hole ball point pen is about 2 yuan, 3 yuan, and the price of no hole ball pen is less than one yuan. Because the price is cheap, the shape is lovely and bright, these non hole ballpoint pen sales are very popular.

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