What is the difference between a neutral pen, an oily pen and a waterborne pen

Ink for water based pen is pure water, and paper absorbency is strong. Water-based pen is usually used on the absorption surface, even if it is applied to the non absorbing surface, it can also be erased. Writing on paper usually has no back marks. The advantage is that the writing feeling and writing quality are good, and the shortcoming is that the ink viscosity is small and the writing length is small. The water-based pen is tasteless than the oil pen, and the pen tip is not easy to dry. Its handwriting is light resistant but not water resistant. It can be rendered with water and carelessly fall off.

Oil pen uses ink as oil, difficult to dissolve in water, not easy to fade and turn off. The oil pen can be written on the absorption surface and non absorption surface, and it is not easy to be erased. It is written on the white paper and there is a clear back mark on the back. It is often used in the occasion of the need to mark. The advantage is that the ink viscosity is large and the writing length is large, that is to say, more words can be written under the same amount of ink, and the disadvantage is that the handwriting and writing quality are not good.

The ink property used by the neutral pen is between the water pen and the oily pen, the preservation time is longer than the water pen, and the water is not easy to be opened, but the property is not as stable as the oil pen. When writing some documents that need to be saved, they are often used in neutral pens.

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