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With the advent of the Internet era, we have fewer and fewer handwriting. Every day, beating the cold keyboard or sending messages through mobile phones, traditional letters or manuscripts seem to be fading away from modern people. When I felt awkward and writing awkward in writing and writing, the determination to practice calligraphy was quietly born. Like the character, I decided to write the handwriting beautifully and beautifully.

The choice of pen, which is more and more small, is the traditional and heavy feeling of loving it alone. I have been buying stationery on stationery 1, this time is no exception. Stationery 1 is not only a procurement platform for one-stop office supplies, but also a good choice for personal stationery purchase. Keyword input "pen", the products to choose from are also dazzling. Don't worry about picking your eyes. Intimate customer service will give you a satisfactory answer.

For my various questions, the customer service of stationery 1 is patient. Especially in how to maintain pen, gave me professional help, I benefit greatly. I summed up the following points. In the future, we need to pay attention to the following points in the daily use of pens.

1. often use a pen. Do not belittle this. Many, after buying a pen, will be three minutes hot and then put on the shelf. This is not right. Getting into the habit of using pen every day can make pen ink out and avoid clogging.

2. clean the pen once every half a year. People who use pen every day are enough to wash them once a year. It is unnecessary for some people to wash every month, and there is a possibility of damaging the pen.

3. do not write directly on the hard face. Because pen pen tip is easy to wear, so before writing, you can cushion the soft objects on paper (such as writing, book, printing paper, etc.) to avoid direct contact between the pen tip and the hard face, and wear the tip of the pen!

4. use the pen cover to hold the pen and tail in use. This may be funny and easy to overlook, but it can reduce the stroke of the pen when it hits the ground.

5. keep the hand clean before the pen. Some pens are made of metal. For a long time, the grease on the hands will be eroded. If the hands of too much oil are directly exposed to these metal parts, the ink is easily made by the pen.

Clean the pen for 6. long. Remember to clear the residual ink before using the pen for a long time. Otherwise, the ink will dry up and precipitate and remain in the pen. It will be more difficult to clean it for a long time.

These six points seem insignificant, but they play a vital role in the maintenance of everyday pens. I hope that everyone who likes writing like me can benefit from it, choose a pen, treat it well, cherish it, and use it to practice a good word.

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